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How We Work


"Save & Build" Revolutionary Self-Support and Community Building.

"Save & Build" is a program that involves collective saving for quick and reasonable house construction. This is a revolutionary structure that differs from regular loan systems in that funds "revolve" through the hands of people in need, ameliorating living conditions. When someone face a crisis, give them a helping hand as a human. Once free from distress, now it's your turn to help those in need. Everyone is equal, and it is motivation that gives life to these ideals. This system flourishes enthusiasm in people, and it is spreading fast.
Currently, Habitat for Humanity is building 1 house in every 24 minutes, all around the world.


Community Saving Equals Swift Restoration.

Take a 12 family example. Collectively they bring together enough money for the cost of 1house. Once the cost of 1 house is raised, Habitat contributes the cost of 2 more. This allows for a total of 3 houses to be built at once. Then if the cost for 1 more house is raised, Habitat will contribute the cost of 2 more again, bringing the total to 6 houses. Repeating the "Save & Build" system only 4 times will supply all 12 families with housing in an average of 2 years. Afterwards, families will repay the cost for the houses Habitat constructed at the same pace. You can build while saving, keeping costs low and giving people the will to help each other. It is programmed for easy self-support.
*Specific family numbers and repayment details depend on the country conditions.
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Repay, and Relay the Chance.

After housing for 12 families is completed, the repaid loans act as revolving funds that are allotted to building housing for another 12 families. This means that while the first 12 families are engaged in independent repayment of the construction costs, a chance for housing is being simultaneously given to other families. A self-made community revival with the chance of helping others as well. The optimistic vigor that this program creates will only be amplified by the pride and enthusiasm that is born from providing each participant with the chance to repay the loans they receive.

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