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International Projects

Habitat Japan conducts two international programs; The Global Village Program where volunteer teams travel overseas to join in the house construction projects, and the Disaster Response projects assisting the victims of various natural and man-made disasters rebuild their lives. Following is the list of Habitat Japan's past and current Disaster Response projects.

Haiti Earthquake Relief (2010 · Donate Now)
Indonesia Sumatra & West Java Earthquake Relief (2009)
Phillippines Typhoon Relief (2009)
China Sichuan Earthquake Relief (2008)
Myanmar Cyclone Relief (2008)
Bangladesh Flood Relief (2007)
Indonesia Central Java Earthquake Relief (2007)
Phillippines Lyte Mudslide Relief (2006)
Pakistan Earthquake Relief (2006)
USA Gulf Coast Hurricanes Relief (2005)
Indian Ocean Tsunami Relief (2004)


donationHaiti Earthquake Relief (2010 · Active)

On 12 January 2010, Haiti was struck by a massive earthquake measuring 7.0. The disaster hit 15km south-west of the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, and was immediately followed by two aftershocks of 5.9 and 5.5 magnitude. Destruction was widespread with tens of thousands of casualties. Although the full toll of homes severely damaged or destroyed is not yet known, Habitat has begun to respond by addressing... Read more »


donationIndonesia Sumatra & West Java Earthquake Relief (2009)

Habitat is launching an appeal campaign to raise funds for the first-phase of a long-term and sustained effort to rebuild homes and lives following the recent earthquake in West Java and Sumatra, Indonesia. In West Java, the goal of the first phase is to support 1,000 families in Pangalengan to rebuild homes and schools and, through mitigation programs, to protect their lives and property against future catastrophes. In Sumatra... Read more »


donationPhillippines Typhoon Relief (2009)

Habitat started the initial phase of an assistance program following the worst flooding in four decades to hit Metro Manila and the surrounding areas after Typhoon Ketsana struck the northern Philippines in September 2009. The initial phase of Habitat's response envisages repairing an estimated 10,000 damaged homes. It would also involve providing easy-to-erect steel-frame technology to create temporary toilets as well as providing water purifiers in at least ten evacuation centers in Metro Manila. Habitat Philippines is also mobilizing to provideRead more »


donationChina Sichuan Earthquake Relief (2008)

The 5.12 earthquake caused heavy damages to the entire Taizi Village. The old towns located in the village became ruins after the earthquake. During the earthquake, 11 people died and 27 injured. More than 95% of all the houses in Taizi Village collapsed during the earthquake. Habitat is working closely with the government to provide support for those villages who are rebuilding their homes under the scheme of... Read more »


donationMyanmar Cyclone Relief (2008)

A huge cyclone Nargis attacked southern part of Myanmar in May 2nd, 2008. This catastrophe resulted in a great deal of serious damage to Myanmar. Habitat is assembled a technical team to partner with other organizations in support of long-term shelter reconstruction efforts for those affected by Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, which left nearly 1 million people homeless. Although Habitat has no presence in Myanmar... Read more »


donationBangladesh Flood Relief (2007)

In July 2007, a massive flood after heavy rain caused by the summer monsoon hit Bangladesh. It resulted in more than 1,600 casualties with 850 deaths within a month. In Cooperation with Habitat Bangladesh and with financial assistance by the Japan Platform, Habitat Japan worked on resettlement assistance in Bhuapur County located on the north of Dhaka. In Bhuapur... Read more »


donationIndonesia Central Java Earthquake Relief (2007)

Due to the earthquake in central Java on May 27th, 2006, nearly 5-6,000 people died and over 120,000 houses were destroyed. The branch office of Habitat Indonesia (the affiliate) is in Yogyakarta where severe damage was reported. Their staff and volunteers are involved in revival support for damage from the earthquake. The most serious damage was done to the houses built with... Read more »


donationPhillippines Lyte Mudslide Relief (2006)

On February 17, 2006, a mudslide in Lyte, Philippines took many people's lives and houses. Many victims still live in shelters and cannot return to their own homes. To improve this, Habitat has been building 'steel framed houses'. Their simple design enables them to be built by people with little experience. Of the 800 homes Habitat Philippines planned to build, Habitat Japan contributed 100 houses thanks to the grant of the Japanese government.


donationPakistan Earthquake Relief (2006)

On October 8th, 2005, massive earthquake measuring 7.6 hit Northeast Pakistan. Destroying 80% of the villages in the region, it victimized approximately 200,000 people. Habitat Japan, with financial assistance from the Japan Platform, conducted the project to provide materials for rebuilding houses in Balakot in the northeastern region of Mansehra, one of the most devastated locations. We have learnt that the reconstruction was slowed down due to ... Read more »


donationUSA Gulf Coast Hurricanes Relief (2005)

The Gulf Recovery Effort is Habitat's response to the destruction caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 when the two storms struck the southeast U.S. coast of the Gulf of Mexico. While Habitat cannot be the answer to all low-income housing needs created by the hurricanes, Habitat expects to assist thousands of people and to work together in partnership with other organizations to serve as a catalyst in the rebuilding process... Read more »


donationIndian Ocean Tsunami Relief (2004)

Habitat, under the Asian Tsunami Reconstruction Initiative, has built more than 15,000 permanent houses in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Thailand by the end of June 2008. Habitat is committed to building more houses in the four affected countries and supporting many affected families in getting permanent houses. The rebuilding activities have taken on various forms of construction such as… Read more »

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