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hfhj: Building Program Habitat for Humanity has two foreign building volunteer programs: "Global Village" and the "Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter Work Project (JRCWP)"."Global Village" is a volunteer program that utilizes the worldwide Habitat network where volunteers spend 7-10 days in a different country building houses. Volunteer teams of 10-25 people are created and are sent to the host country. Participants generally apply as a team, though there are teams that accept independent applicants or teams totally composed of independent applicants.


Global Village Characteristics

hfhj: Building Program Discover the world through Hard Work
In the Global Village, you will join hands with local partners to build houses. Through this cooperative experience you will discover their way of life, the truth of poverty, and their smile.

Building Houses, Building Hope
Participants build much more than houses. Local partners are given new houses along with a new life of hope with their families, breaking the constraints of poverty.

Give & Take
Many participants enter the program with the intention of saving others. But most leave the program having saved others and been saved themselves, taking home to Japan with them something much more valuable.

Everyone changes together.
Local partners and residents work along side of program participants and remember that they are capable of making a difference themselves, learning the meaning of saving people in need. Through this the community changes as a whole. Also, participants learn the value of initiating action, taking a new step in their life.



Hosting Country

hfhj: Building Program 700 volunteers are dispatched from Japan each year. Young and old, Japanese and foreign alike create time to participate in this program. There are a large number of repeated participants as well. Volunteer teams from Japan are active in the following countries: America, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Samoa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, Fiji, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mongolia, and Romania

See the list of Available Countries
See the list of Team Schedule


Global Village Details

Generally house construction will be conducted on weekdays, and weekends are devoted to recreational activities. Sometimes educational activities such as visiting schools are scheduled as well. The coordinator in the host country decides the plan according to the team request on a program itinerary. Lodging in a dormitory, guest house, hotel, etc. that fits within boundaries of the budget will be provided. For the progress management please look here.


Sample Schedule

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9
06:00∼07:00Leaving TokyoWAKE UP!!!!! Shower and breakfast
07:00∼08:00Travel to Building SiteSight-
Devotions & Tasking
08:00∼09:00Build!!! FUN!!!
morning break
(10:00∼10:15morning break)
10:00∼11:00Hotel Check-out / Depart
for Airport
12:00∼13:00LUNCH onsiteLeaving XXX City
13:00∼14:00Hotel Check-inBuild!!! FUN!!!
15:15 afternoon break / snacks)
Elementary School VisitBuild!!! FUN!!!
15:15 afternoon break / snacks)
16:00∼17:00Program & construction Orientation
17:00∼18:00Travel back to Hotel
18:00∼19:00REST / Fellowship
20:00∼21:00REST / Fellowship / Freetime



Costs will change somewhat due to airplane ticket costs, actual travel distance and destination. However, the following lists a general standard for each region (These numbers include fees and costs such as program participation fee, meals, lodging, local transportation, recreation costs and your international airplane ticket).

· Southeast Asia:  JPY 150,000 - JPY 200,000
· South Asia:  JPY180,000 - JPY 220,000
· Asian Pacific:  JPY180,000 - JPY 250,000
· Central Asia/Eastern Europe:  JPY200,000 - JPY 250,000

In-country Costs
For your reference, we put the list of past teams in-country expenditure.



Safety Management

Habitat for Humanity does not dispatch teams to dangerous areas. Activities are only conducted at a construction spot that has cleared safety standards. An orientation is always conducted and construction activities are conducted under the direction of a specialist. In addition, all participants are provided insurance prepared by Habitat.


Volunteer experience

Team name: Japan Hope Builders
Country: Philippines·Leyte island
Term: 6th August, 2006∼13th
I never felt that I did 'Volunteer Work' during construction work and after activity. Even though I was participating as volunteer, I was helped and supported by so many people. I'm really thanking for them even now. It was also very special experience that I noticed we can make the people happy by doing something.    (Yu Oshikiri   University Student)




Series of questions and answers about the Global Village Program.


How to Participate in Global Village

There are two methods for participation. You can create a team as a team leader, and apply as a team. Or you can apply to an open team that is searching for a wide range of members.

Applying as a team * If you are already in a group of 15 to 25, please sign up here.
Applying as an individual * If you are interested in individually joining an existing team, please sign up here. We will confirm if you can join the opened team you prefer.



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