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Join a Global Village trip in Asia Pacific!

Start your own Global Village team and help build a true "global village" of friendship, homes, community and hope!
This is no ordinary tourist trip. Through Habitat for Humanity's Global Village Program, any aged 14 and older can participate in a build team, traveling to other countries to build homes alongside families in need. Learn new languages, experience new cultures and traditions through the eyes of local families.
Have an adventure.
JETs teams from Japan that join a Global Village trip (since 2003):
Hokkaido JETs, Sendai JETs, Tochigi JETs, Gunma JETs, Mie JETs, Kyoto JETs, Nara JETs, Osaka JETs, Hyogo JETs, Hiroshima JETs, Saga JETs, Kagoshima JETs, Miyazaki JETs ...


Team Name: Hokkaido JETs
Building Site: Kuching, Malaysia
Period: April 27 - May 8, 2006
What I experienced had a special dimension for me as a teacher and indeed took me "beyond my expectations," as along, our Malaysian coordinator, would often say. After countless hours of digging trenches, laying bricks, and nailing the house frame, we had an amazing opportunity to hold a foreign language play day with the neighborhood children with curious eyes during the week. Though it began with about fifteen kids singing 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes', soon nearly fifty swelled in the street and we began teaching numbers, colors, and animals. Most of the members were also teaching in Japan, and so thousands of miles from our homes and native countries, we found ourselves in a classroom on the streets of a rural village with the most eagerest students in the world. (by Bret Saalwaechter)

Why young people are important to Habitat for Humanity

The goal of eliminating substandard housing is enormous. We need the energy, enthusiasm, determination and creativity of young people to meet the challenge.
The young people of Habitat for Humanity are teaching the world that it is not acceptable for families to live in inadequate homes or to be without a home at all.
Through the actions of young people, the world is learning that everyone deserves a simple, decent place to call hole, and that we must all take responsibility for housing the world.

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