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I don't have the time or the energy to volunteer, but monetary support is something I can offer...
"I want to do something to help." Would you like to express such passion into action, with Habitat?

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Support Habitat Japan


Support Habitat Japan builds houses and conducts community development projects for "A World Where Everyone Has a Decent Place to Live." Your kind contribution fuels our operations around the world. *Please note that this donation will be utilized as unspecified general donation.

Support Youth Program


The Youth Program empowers youth by channeling the youthful creativity, energy, and aspirations of Habitat young supporters into Habitat's various activities worldwide. The power house of this program is high school and university student-run groups called Campus Chapters and Campus Clubs. Majority of Habitat Japan's mobilization of 800 international volunteers (annual) belong to these chapters and clubs; your contribution could help these young minds to thrive in changing the world through volunteerism.

Support Disaster Response Program


One of Habitat Japan's international programs is the Disaster Response Program, which manages the occasional projects supporting the victims of various natural disasters. In some occasions we direct and lead the projects in the field, and in others we offer long term support by providing volunteers, consultations and funds. Though Habitat's global network, you can reach out for the disaster victims in need across the world. To learn about the current fundraising efforts and to direct your donation to specific projects, please read more.>>

Support Habitat through Shopping


“Habi-Shop” is Habitat Japan's online store. All proceeds from the sales of this store will be utilized in the organization's operations. Jumpsuit and T-shirts will come in handy on your building trips and USB memory stick can help your modern life in style. Shop, have fun and support the good cause today. Enter the shop here>>

Support Habitat through "Click to Give" Web Sites



Now anyone can support Habitat through click-to-give and online shopping sites. Every time you visit and “click” at these websites, our corporate sponsors donate on behalf of you  no payments needed.
» E-Kokoro!
With great choice of sponsors in this site, you can easily earn your donation credits through shopping, requesting informational materials and using their services. All you have to do is selecting Habitat as your choice of organization upon registration, you can direct all the donation credits to Habitat.
» BokinBako
Donation site designated for Habitat Japan. With no need for registration or payment, each time you click on the sponsored site then one yen will be donated to Habitat. You can also donate through requesting for informational materials, membership registration or shopping through this site.

Donate Supplies


We are not accepting materials and supplies as donations currently. Thank you for your consideration.
* Please note that maximum of 20% of your specified donation for programs, except for the general donation, will be used for administration costs (including operation and research costs) at Habitat Japan.

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