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There are 1.6 billion people in the world without adequate housing. Work with Habitat to help those families break the cycle of poverty. There are many ways international schools can get involved:


Make a donation
Learn about poverty housing (Lecture / Workshop)
Raise awareness in school events
Volunteer with Habitat (Global Village Program)
Become House Supporter

[For more information] Tel: 03-5579-2504 Email: info@habitatjp.info


♦ Partnership examples ♦

Charity Events at International Secondary School (Tokyo)
In November 2013, the ISS held a charity Walk-a-thon and raised over 200,000 yen to be donated to Habitat Japan. ISS being a relatively small school, the success of the event was encouraging to both the students and Habitat Japan.
Lecture / Workshop at Yokohama Commercial High School (Kanagawa)
Every year, Habitat staff gives a lecture at Yokohama Commertcial High School as part of their International Course. Students learn about poverty housing in the world and think about what youths can do to contribute to a change.
Awareness Raising at K International School (Tokyo)
After the K International School participated in the GV program in June 2014, the students set up a booth at the Kistival, a school festival. The booth displayed pictures from their volunteer trip to raise awareness about poverty housing.
Global Village Program at The American School in Japan (Tokyo)
The American School in Japan participates in the GV program every year. Around 30 students takes part in the effort to tackle the issue of poverty housing.
Please click here for details of participating in the GV program
House Supporter at Nagoya International School (Aichi)
Nagoya Internationl School plays a part in the fight against poverty housing as a House Supporter.
Please click here for details on house supporter.

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